Abid Rafique & Company (ARC) was established in 2004 by the founding father Mr. Abid Hussain (CEO), who has a meek personality and highly professional approach. ARC is a trading company and its main office is situated in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. It is continuously importing medical, industrial & research equipment and machinery since 2004 and supplying it to multiple organizations i.e. hospitals, universities, research organizations and departments etc. within the public and private sectors nationwide, through holding it’s sub branches located across the country. ARC has so many reputable Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)/counter parts around the globe and has firm and wonderful relationships with customers nationwide.

ARC has revolutionized its business due to full concentration, commitment and hard work of day and night. The welfare of our customers is our principal focus. That is why the world-renowned companies are on board with us. ARC is also an entrepreneur in so many specialized products and fields, which were introduced for the first time in Pakistan since laying its foundation. Moreover, ARC is an emerging market leader of the aquaculture industry of Pakistan till now since 2009. Due to its professional approach, strong commitment and sincerity, ARC has become a renowned company across the country.

Our Vision

To become a recognized industrial leader of Aquaculture and an importer By pursuing excellence at each level By adopting new techniques, methodology and technology with advancement in our products for our respected customers.

Our Slogan

Our commitment and your trust, together we are invincible.

Our Mission

To lead as experts by providing enhanced end-to-end solutions across Pakistan.

Why Choose Us?

An exceptional cooperation, passion, professionalism, hard work and experience are the keys of our success. It’s been around 16 years that we are in this profession and working with different institutes and organizations as an importer & supplier. We have a great network in both cases i.e. national & international. Furthermore, we have excellent relationships with the end-users that make us different from others. In addition, ARC has a dedicated sales team of professionals that visit clients when required to register their current requirements and to provide them with the best possible end-to-end solutions in affordable prices.

Quality is guaranteed.

Our Marketing Strategy:

We use the inside sales approach. The marketing strategy is to visit clients on daily basis to know about their requirements and then suggest them appropriate equipment according to their demands. Secondly, we do marketing on social media, sponsor & participate in different seminars arranged by the department for the promotion of our unique, advance and high-quality products, which help everyone that is associated to us.

Service, Maintenance and Calibiration

We provide installation, Commissioning, Trainings, and Calibration for the specialized equipment’s and also provide after sales support to our customers Nationwide. For this purpose, we have installation engineers who are trained by the OEM.

Company Profile